The site

The site consists of 8.48 hectares of land south of Crawley Down Road, behind Felbridge Football and Tennis Club and Felbridge Bowling Club.

Local planning policy

This land is allocated for housing development in the District Council’s emerging Development Plan Document that sets out where new homes are going to be built in Mid Sussex.  It has been assessed by officers at the Council and a Government Planning Inspector as being suitable in principle for new homes and is included in Mid Sussex District Council’s latest Site Allocations Development Plan Document.

211126 Masterplan (sk 400 Revc)

Transport and access

The site will be accessed from Crawley Down Road, just east of the bowling club. Extensive dialogue has already been had with both Surrey and West Sussex County Councils in their role as Highways Authorities. A safety audit of the proposed access has shown that safe access can be provided at this location.

The development proposed provides opportunities to improve public transport in the local area, such as upgrading bus stops to have real-time information and contributing to a new bus lane on the A22.

The site is considered to be a sustainable location for people to live, conveniently located within a 5-minute walk from the village hall and some convenience stores, and within easy reach to other village facilities including local schools, Whittington College, Felbridge Business Centre and Birches Industrial Estate.

Hesketh Plot 297
Stambourne Plot 298 299

Low flood risk

All new built form and development will be located within Flood Zone 1, meaning that the site is considered to be at very low risk of flooding.

There is no record of the site being flooded by groundwater, and the majority of the site is classed as being a ‘Very Low Risk’ of surface water flooding (less than 0.1% chance each year).